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nice fucking playlist jump window. shitloads of options that don't fucking work.
this fucking shit jump window not being on the taskbar, not being on the windows aero, pretty much not being selectable, is fucking pissing me since way back, not only for the latest version of winamp.
how fucking hard is to make a window pop the fuck up in the windows aero or windows taskbar, or make it be on top of the fucking main window, not the main window on top of a fucking tiny search tab/window.
i guess is really hard, keep your fucking main window on top of all the fucking function, can't fucking search a fucking playlist without making 10000 more clicks than needed. if you chance any option to how the fucking jump list window works, bye is not fucking even working anymore. standart options spawns the fucking window behind the fucking main window, and if you use winamp in maximize as i like to do, you can't fucking see it, unless you make the fucking main window shade mode. fucking retarded, would've killed you fucking idiots to make that fucking jump list window visible on the taskbar, that fucking bar by default on the bottom of the fucking screen where you can access all your program windows, in case incapable people can't fucking make the program useful, and you need to look after popup windows that hide behind main window.
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