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2 much time, 2 much Master Chief

There's an artifact in Halo 2 everyone is trying to figure out: skulls.

There are skulls, hidden in cryptically decorated rooms only at specific points at specific difficulty levels when certain objectives have been fulfilled. These skulls have names, and affect gameplay in subtle ways that fade out with time. They appear to be part of an incredibly complex puzzle that virtually no Halo player has the skill to attempt to solve.

Unlike similar artifacts in other games, like the Banjo Kazooie series and Perfect Dark (the beloved cheese) it would appear that these skulls, when collected in the correct order, actually unlock something in the game. 14 have been confirmed, with a possible 15th existing only intermittently in a dead zone in one of the levels.

Anyone at all interested in video games might wanna check this out, nobody is sure what the ultimate purpose of the skulls is. This is one of the biggest mysteries in recent gaming; the fact that the difficulty factor involved excludes almost all gamers from trying this makes it a curiousity. One wonders what could possibly be hidden in this game that is worth the time.

(I realize this is a topic about gaming, but if it could stay in general discussion just long enough for people to actually see it [gaming forum very slow these days] I would be very thankful. This is a very big game, and an even bigger mystery, that could be of interest to anyone as a curiosity.)
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