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Can you confirm which of the specific Portable Media Player plugins causes the error to occur?

At a guess, it'll be pmp_p4s.dll (PlaysForSure device support),
and not pmp_ipod (iPod support) or pmp_njb (Creative Nomad support).

Is your USB Card Reader a PlaysForSure device?
If so, and you don't have any actual p4s portable media players,
then you'd probably just be best deleting winamp\plugins\pmp_p4s.dll
and unchecking P4S Support in the installer options for any future winamp installations.

I don't personally have any p4s devices, so I never install that plugin,
therefore I can't personally advise any further (eg. if there's an option in the pmp_p4s config to exclude certain devices from detection).
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