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It is a bug that "gstlouis" posted and that I can now confirm and that most likely a lot of people with USB-cardreaders (there aren't that many different chips and drivers out there for those) can confirm.

@DJ Egg

I do not have an iPod or a Creative Nomad, I do have a no-name PlaysForSure-player though (but I doesn't matter if it's connected or not for this bug). I did install all plugins initially but removed the iPod and Nomad plugins later on.

I just ran a few tests and the bug doesn't seem to be in either pmp_p4s.dll, pmp_ipod.dll or pmp_njb.dll. Removing any or even all of them has no effect - I always have to click cancel 8 times for winamp to start.
The bug seems to be caused by ml_pmp.dll, removing it or uninstalling it via Winamp and the bug is gone immediately.

The USB Card Reader is not a PlaysForSure device as far as I know, it's just a cheap, ordinary USB Card Reader that can be found in most current PCs or PC-cases. If you buy a complete pc you can hardly avoid getting one of those
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