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Yes, while trying to find the origin of this bug I stumbled upon a few other strange problems with cardreaders people reported on various forums. There seem to be other (incorrectly?) coded programms that cause similiar error messages in combination with a standard cardreader.

I however do not experience any problems except with Winamp 5.2x and ml_pmp.dll present.

The message reported looks like it is a windows system error message, not a Winamp-error as far as I can tell, but it is definately triggered by ml_pmp.dll.
Accessing an empty cardreaderslot from Windows Explorer or any other programm just shows the normal "Please insert disk ..." message that you also get when trying to access an empty disk- or CD-drive. All slots work flawlessly as far as I can tell and the cardreader is supported by windows without any additional third-party drivers that might cause problem (just like USB-sticks and similiar USB-storage devices).
I assume that ml_pmp.dll checks for connected devices in a way that causes problems with cardreaders.
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