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Without going into too much detail, it was actually a conflict (race condition bug) between pmp_usb and pmp_ipod. Removing pmp_p4s would change the loading time bewteen pmp_ipod and pmp_usb, thus maybe causing the bug to no longer appear.

In other cases, removing one of pmp_usb or pmp_ipod also got rid of the error.

For now, just remove the pmp_*.dll plugin(s) that you don't use.
eg. I've got a Creative Zen Micro (1.x firmware) and a couple of USB Pen/Flash drives, so all I require are pmp_njb and pmp_usb (I keep pmp_p4s and pmp_ipod unchecked in the installer options).

All that said and done, as CraigF said, it is referenced in the internal beta changelog, so is hopefully fixed for the next release.
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