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Originally posted by DJ Egg
You've not given us much to go on.
What type of drive is Drive D:?
Is it a CD-ROM Drive? Internal or external?
Or is it an external USB Hard Drive? Or other?
It's the internal cdrw/dvd drive in my IBM T41p laptop. If I put any disk in the drive, Winamp does not display the error. Though, usually I do not keep anything in the drive.

There are no card readers plugged in. I am not using any virtual cdrom drives. Though, Lenovo updated my Laptop security chip software with a 'virtual' secure drive that shows up as R: in My Computer.

So in My Computer, I have C:, D:, and R: and that's it. I am using Windows XP SP2 with all the latest Windows Update patches. It also updated itself from IBM's old software to Lenovo's new software.

The memory-resident programs are ThinkVantage Password Manager (Lenovo), Microsoft ActiveSync, ATI Tray Tools, Etrust EZ Antivirus, SoundMAX Control Panel, Intel Wired Adapter tools, IBM Message Center..

If there's any more information you need, lemme know.

EDIT: BTW, my internal CDRW/DVD acts like an 'external' in terms of Windows behavior. It shows up in the 'Safely Remove Hardware' list.
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