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How to make Winamp read MP4 metadata

I want to manage my movies library with Winamp as it is still my most favorite Media Player. I already downloaded all required codecs and everything, so playing movies already works perfectly (all movie formats without problem).

But I want to have these movies also beautifully tagged in Winamp (Genre, Director, Comment and so on...)

When I tag them in Winamp, they are stored only in Winamp, and not in actual files metadata (that I can see in other tagging software or in file properties). So that means, if I delete whole library and put it back, all tags would be missing...

If I tag them with those other tagging software (mp3tag Pro or MediaMonkey), it also shows in file properties, so I believe they are properly tagged, but Winamp just can't read them and won't show them at all...
Only movie format, which I can properly tag in Winamp, and Winamp can really read them from files tags is wmv. I would not have any problem convert all of my videos to wmv, but it is already pretty old format which works only on Windows and not on other devices... But still the main problem is, that if I convert mp4 videos to wmv, it sometimes even double the size of the file, which is unacceptable..

So I would like to have all those movies in mp4, but I want to make the Winamp read those mp4 tags I was searching whole internet for almost a day and without a success

PS: I have set all of my movies NOT to be read only and I am an owner of them, so this surely is not causing the problem

PS2: I found that Winamp don't read mp4 metadata, but isn't there any solution, some plugin or something? Nobody ever had mp4 movies tagged in Winamp?

Thanks so much, any help greatly appreciated
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