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Originally Posted by Petrz View Post
....When I tag them in Winamp, they are stored only in Winamp, and not in actual files metadata (that I can see in other tagging software or in file properties). So that means, if I delete whole library and put it back, all tags would be missing...

PS2: I found that Winamp don't read mp4 metadata, but isn't there any solution, some plugin or something? Nobody ever had mp4 movies tagged in Winamp?....
I find that Winamp does read and write MP4 metadata.

For MP4 files, my Winamp reads and writes these 14 fields: Artist, Title, Album, Comment, Track #, Genre, BPM, Year, Composer, Disc, Album Artist, Rating, Publisher and Category
Mp3tag reads and writes all 14 fields, although there is some confusion about Publisher because of the field name's case. (ie PUBLISHER vs publisher)
The file details view in Windows 10 File Explorer has column headings to display all but the last 3.
The details tab of the properties dialogue does not include all the fields available as column headings.

When editing tags in Winamp, make sure to check-mark "Update file tag(s) supported by the tagging format"
And make sure Winamp is configured to read metadata:
Preferences > Media Library > Local Library > Watch folders tab > click "Configure" > check-mark "Read media information on import if available"

Not every application supports every field for a specific file type.
The challenge is to find a way to tag your files that meets your requirements in all the applications you use.
One way to find out what is happening is to write tags in one app and observe where/if they are read in another.

When you know what you're working with, you can use what exists in some way that works for you.
For example, Winamp does not write the "Director" field to file, so maybe you could use "Album Artist" or "Artist" instead.

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