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Thank you very much for your answer, you gave me hope that it is really possible to do

Maybe I have something broken in Winamp, I installed a lot of plugins and codecs, I will try it with clean Winamp on different PC and I will see, if this is not causing the problem

And well, when I edit tags in Winamp, I have checked "Update file tag(s) if supported by tagging format"...
It actually writes to that tags but only in Winamp... Are you sure you see those tags you made in Winamp in file properties as well, and also after you remove those files from Winamp Library and re-add them again?

I also have checked this one "Read media information on import if available" and also I have all my files NOT read only, so I really don't understand, what is causing the problem...

And well, I have also read, that mp4 has some different metadata types:
1. Normal metadata ( id3 ????)
2. XMP Metadata

Do you know which type of tags you actually use?

Thanks so much for your help, I appreciate it
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