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Originally Posted by Petrz View Post
And yeah, I couldn't tag my mp4 files while playing some mp4 at the same time, but that is not that important, because I won't be tagging when watching a movie
(I hope I understood your sentence well )
I didn't mean tagging and viewing at the same time.
I meant that I could not play MP4 videos and write tags to their files with the same Winamp configuration.
But I have jumped to that conclusion without thorough investigation.

I no longer play videos in Winamp, but when I did I had Windows 7 and used the instructions found here:
I was then able to play my MP4 videos without problems. (Note the WARNING on that linked page)
Maybe it is possible to modify those instructions in way that continues to provide good playback and allows tagging to files.
But I'm not going to test for that because I don't want to install the 3rd party codecs, splitters and tweakers necessary for playback, now that I use Windows 10.
If I did, the first thing I would do after getting MP4 videos to play would be to re-add MP4 to the extension list of in_mp4.dll to see if that allowed tags to be written to file and still allow playback.

My last resort would be to use one Winamp configuration to tag the videos, then switch to the configuration that allows them to be played.
But that sounds like more trouble than it's worth and I would abandon an "all Winamp" solution.

Originally Posted by Petrz View Post
Well, I will try to play with it for a while, maybe I come up with a solution
Good luck! You sound like you're having fun and know what you're doing.

I don't use Winamp to tag files: instead, Mp3tag is much more powerful and customize-able.
I don't use Winamp to play videos: instead, VLC doesn't require any extra software.
I still have music videos in my Winamp Library, and in my playlist, but I use another plug-in to intercept them for playback with VLC.

Windows 10 Home, 64 bit, Winamp 5.666, Bento Skin

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