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Ok So I found a solution, which isn't probably the most elegant ever, but at least it works very well

I installed a lot of codecs from that Tutorial I posted above and also that "Shark Advanced Codecs" I posted above...
Those are making my mp4 files playable, but only if i don't associate mp4 Demuxer with mp4. So if you remove mp4 from config of mp4 Demuxer (keep it installed), you are able to beautifully play mp4. But you are not able to tag mp4 or add new mp4 to Winamp...

So this is how I do it:
1. I tag my mp4 in some different software (mp3Tag Pro)
2. I add ;mp4 to "mp4 Demuxer" configuration
3. Restart Winamp
4. Add those mp4 to my Library
5. Remove ;mp4 from "mp4 Demuxer" configuration
6. Restart Winamp
7. WINAMP HAPPY USING - because I see all mp4 correctly tag, and also I can play them without issues
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