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I ran into the same problem. I ripped audio CD's to M4A files, using iTunes 4.7. Then I used Winamp 5.08 to change the tag information for a few files. Those files could no longer be played by any player.

However, after some experimentation this is what I found. If I use Mp3tag V2.27 to modify ALL the files that I ripped with iTunes 4.7, I can then use Winamp, iTunes, or Mp3tag to update the tag information and the files are not corrupted. I can still play the files with any of my players. Apparently, Mp3tag rewrites the tag info in such a way that Winamp can work with it.

If you use Winamp to change the tag info BEFORE using Mp3tag, the file will corrupted. Unfortunately, Mp3tag could not recover the file once it was corrupted.

Sure wish I found a way to recover the corrupted files. Hopefully, someone will, SOON.
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