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Steve Morgan
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Winamp Portability


I think that Winamp is the greatest media player, bar none, I have used it for many years throught its various incantations without issue(well, no major ones anyway).
My request is, can you, or would you, make it portable in the sense that it could be installed on portable devices such as smart phones? In particular for me, I would love a version for the Nokia N900 runing Maemo, the only media player options for Maemo currently available suck. I believe that there would also be a demand for Winamp on Apple iphones too. Currently, there are some places where it is just not practical to take your PC or Laptop with you in order to run Winamp. IN addition, if you want to promote Winamp then this is a good way to do it, since it will be on public display where ever you may take it.
Keep up the good work.


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