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Bug in ${GetTime} ?


I am new in using NSIS. Thanks for all the possibilities of that. I searched long and found no better one! Many thanks.

Maybe I did something wrong!? Or is it a bug?

When I use the ${GetTime} part of the samples:


${GetTime} "" "L" $0 $1 $2 $3 $4 $5 $6
MessageBox MB_OK 'Date=$0/$1/$2 ($3)$\nTime=$4:$5:$6'

the year, month, monthday, minutes and seconds are correct, but not the hours. I do not mean the content. I mean the formatting. If the content is only one digit (0..9) they are played a leading zero back. That is ok and fine. But not for the hours!


Date=05/05/2010 (Wednesday)

I wanted to use that to automatically build file names of the installation timestamp, but in that way that is not usable. Did I something wrong?

I use MakeNSISW 2.3.

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