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Can't get PC to recognise new Tab

WinXP, Winamp 5.621:

I have bought a Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1 which uses Android 3.1 very recently. This morning, I have downloaded the Winamp app . My collection on my PC is about 8000 tracks (about 50 GB).I only wish to have a few albums and playlists on my tablet.

1] Nothing happens when I click on the 'Discover' button (I do have the 'wi-fi sync' on my Tab enabled) - I realise from reading some posts that this has been a common problem, but I believed it had been fixed. Am I doing something wrong or is there a l?workaround?

2] Given that I only want some of my music on my tab, do I need to sync?

3] Once my PC recognises my tablet, can I just drag and drop the stuff I want?
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