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Originally Posted by quartz0 View Post
how do I go about queueing one genre in winamp?
Use context menus! Right-click on stuff (headings, sub-headings, 1 or more items selected in track listings, etc.) to get a pop-up menu containing commands (such as play or enqueue) that you can use on the thing that was clicked on.

Also, I use a different kind of smart view filtering to handle sorting my files by genre. The major advantages are it uses less space in the "Local Library" listing and it makes it easier to use context menus on the resulting file groupings. Music is grouped into several genres. To make a smart view for each one would result in a lot of views. The method I use makes 1 smart view for all of the different genres in my collection. To further manage things, I edit the genre tag in every file I add to my collection to be 1 of 16 unique genre types.

I heard about this method from another Winamp user. It's easy to do. Right-click on the "Local Library" header and select the "Add Smart View..." command. In the dialog that opens, select the "Audio" preset (in the drop-down box at the top), then select the "Two" in the "Filters:" area (near the bottom), and select "Genre" in the 1st drop-down box (below on the left-hand side). Select whatever you want in the 2nd drop-down box to the right-hand side of the 1st one (I selected "Album Art" because I have images associated with each of the files in my collection). Then give this smart view a name (in the "Name:" box) and click the "OK" button to save and add it to the listing under the "Local Library" header.

You can click & drag any item in the "Local Library" listing (up or down) to change it's place within the listing.

The final steps are to customize the contents shown in the smart view's panes. In my case, I right-clicked on a heading in the top left pane and bottom track pane to select the "Customize columns..." command. I used the "Pane Options" button (immediately to the left of the Search bar) to customize the display of the album art shown in the top right pane.

Click on the image below for a larger version of how my "Genres" smart view looks in the Big Bento skin.

Click image for larger version

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