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Well, I want to revive this thread. Winamp just came to my mind right now like out of nowhere. I used to use this app a lot about 10 years ago with ripped mp3 files made from other users on the internet or with my own CDs, around the same time Spotify wasn't available and was a month to month subscription-based like Netflix.

I remember when Spotify announced the app to be free to use around the world a long time ago it made me forget about Winamp, I rarely use now only for some private mp3 files. But I still find Winamp one of the best apps to organise my music library and create personalised playlists based on year or genre.

I still wonder, it might be a crazy idea, is it possible to integrate Winamp with Spotify? Or to include any other cloud music-based service to organise and play music from Winamp?
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