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Originally posted by Germ
I've read the Bible plenty, I understand the symbolism and all the nonsense inside. I still do not believe in it. You are opinionated and biased and you lack common sense, MagnumOne. You try to make others appear wrong when it's in fact you who is wrong.

Nobody is buying into your bullshit.
Well Germ...Once again you have to get someone to help yank your foot out of your mouth,,LOL!!

Number One: I can tell by your answers, you have never read the bible..

Number Two: I actually have no opine on the Word..I merely quote it..

Number Three: I have absolutely no reason to make others look wrong, they do that all by themselves..

Number Four: It's not my bullshit..I didn't write it.. LOL!!

Number Five: If you think I'm trying to sell something..You couldn't be more out of touch with reality..I don't care what you do, or where you do it..

Don't go thinking I'm one of these Christians who is trying to help your sorry ass, or could even care less about a Little Fella like you.. LOL!! Because..I'm Not...

PS: Although, I do so allow giving you the opportunity to give me and the many others who are here with me, the enjoyment of having a great laugh..Where should we send the cheque??
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