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Correction: the adjustment is not needed on Main mode, it actually works like it's supposed to (that's the reason of my second response here). You need to use the Maximize button, not manually expanding the player.

To import my mod on your current Big Bento;
- Rename my original file ("Big Bento - Extended shade Close button v2.wal") from .wal file to .zip
- Unzip it into a new folder.
- Copy the file "player-shade.xml" inside "xml" folder.
- Go to your Big Bento skin folder (usually C://Program files/Winamp/Skins/Big Bento).
- Then to "xml" folder, rename the original "player-shade.xml" into something else (optional, just to not loose the original) and paste the modded one you previously copied.
- Close and re-open Winamp or refresh it hitting F5.
- Done.
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