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Originally Posted by Victhor View Post
Uuffss.. this is getting messy or I'm missing something..

Don't use the files I've uploaded before, buttons sizes are too different from Bento to Big Bento (size of the components are basically the main difference between each skin). Use the one I'm submitting now instead.

The steps are quite like before:[...]
Well, I did placesthat new player-shade.xml version in my Bento folder

And now it works but only as far as the skin goes- clicking 2-3 black pixels on the right does not close the Winamp in the shade mode

As for the Main Mode it does work but only when Winamp is not maximized- which results in Main Mode being docked below the top, wasting a whole lot of space [and it is futile to move pointer to the corner of the screen because there is nothing there to click on]
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