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Most module enthusisasts would probably be very grateful if you switched away from mikmod - it may have improved but as far as I know it's still dodgy (see below).

libopenmpt has the advantage that it's based on the playback engine of the same tracker that's used for writing a majority of XM and IT files these days, and generally has a very faithful reproduction of these formats also compared to their original trackers. mikmod's development is also not all that active in terms of playback fixes - just look at the commit logs to see that most of the commits are more about the build system and other supporting structures.

I don't want to badmouth mikmod or anything, but I just threw some of my own ITs at the latest mikmod release and they all had the same problem: No stereo samples, no filters, no note fades. They just sound completely broken. Even the old libmodplug plays them better.

I encourage you to take a look at the in_openmpt sources and build upon them, and hopefully also give back the modifications to the project in case you make any useful changes to it.
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