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Thank you again DrO

What you have told me is basically everything that I had learned from reading different threads and articles in the past. I do appreciate you educating me on the fact that there isn't really a need to reprogram my site based on the difference between Shoutcast v1 & v2.

What I am asking for is specific code snippets used to send the mp3s to Shoutcast. I've tried all that I've said above and am at a dead end.

Is there anyone out there that has specifics. Frame size when sending? Delay times when sending frames? I'm looking for the Exact procedural practices used.

I'm not sure what the big mystery is behind the concept of what should be a simple task of sending mp3s to a Shoutcast Steam. There are CLEAR and definitive instructions on how to do millions of things in other areas of programming on the net, but when you research writing shoutcast streaming it all gets criptic.
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