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If my guess is correct the shuffle random will only handle upto 2^15 (32768) (15 bit).

Probably the programmers never anticipated the users are cabable of having 30000+ item playlists.
Or this bit of code has survived since the WinAMP 2.x days

My take on a solution would be a regular method. (Pseudo code follows)

public void getRandomNumber(int playListLength)
nextItem = myRandom.getNextRandom() * playListLength;

Where the random equals a number between 0-1.

But I'm sure these guys are gonna fix it

EDIT** I just remembered that the playlist has the ability to randomize the current playlist. Playlist -> Sort -> Randomize or Misc -> Sort -> Randomize.
But that function might also be affected by the limitation as explained by Benski.

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