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Have you tried closing Winamp, Windows and rebooting the computer? Sometimes that can correct funky playback or sound issues.


1. Winamp > Ctrl+P (for preferences)
2. Plug-ins > Output
3. double click 'DirectSound output'
4. Driver tab
5. make sure the device in the drop-down list correctly reflects your soundcard


1. Control Panel
2. Sounds & Audio Devices icon (or MultiMedia Icon)
3. Audio tab
4. in 'Sound playback' make sure the 'Default device:' drop-down box correctly reflects your soundcard

No dice? Try updating or reinstalling the soundcard drivers. If you have a soundcard go the manufacturer's website for updates. If you have an on board sound chip, go to the website of your computer provider or the manufacturer of the mother board. Also make sure DirectX is up to date for your system or at least reinstall DirectX.

Close down Winamp, Windows and reboot the computer after making any of the above changes.

Still no luck? Please provide system & Winamp specs.

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