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Yes, however I'm not saying to change the user permissions, just to change the posting default so that users get an email when someone relies to their question.
Many people often use the quick reply function, and the option to receive notifications is not there, so once you post it is too late.

Spammers won't get replies to their posts (or should not) so they will not notice anything.
Changing some notification defaults only puts the new user at risk of being spammed, not the other way round.

From my own experience:
I kind of figure that if I did not want notification of replies, I wouldn't be posting in a thread.
Due to my lack of posts it has taken me 2 accounts (and a post count reset to "0" at this site) over many years to finally be able to reliably receive notifications.
I have always had the option of spamming an extra post to enable notifications, but I don't post without reason, and as a forum mod elsewhere I have to spend time merging posts and telling people to read the rules.
Until recently if anyone had PMd me here, I would also not receive a notification.
As it is an open forum you don't need to login to read replies to a post, so on-site notifications are often not visible.

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