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Treat as Top Priority


General Reminder:

Please people, include all relevant system specs as outlined in the 2 stickys:
Post all Winamp 5.0F Bugs here
How to write a useful bug report


We do not support 3rd-party plugins in the Bug Reports forum.
We only support clean installs with NO 3rd-party plugins.
If your problem was caused by a 3rd-party plugin, then alas, it is not our problem.
Thankfully, you managed to solve yours, or so it would seem....

However, discussion about these 3rd-party plugins will not continue here.
Take it to Tech Support or Winamp Discussion forum instead, if you must.

Thank you.



A clean install means you uninstall previous versions, delete the Winamp folder,
then install Winamp.
If you need to backup anything first, instructions are here

ps. If you installed to the same dir where Winamp3 previously resided
then this will be the cause of the problem.
Winamp 5.0 is the upgrade from Winamp 2.x
Winamp3 was a separate product entirely.
So if there was any wasabi related files already in the dir
(eg. studio.xnf config file)
then this will certainly cause a conflict.

Sure, this might not apply to everyone who has posted in this thread,
but I'm just covering bases for now,
until the devs can get to the bottom of this...
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