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Originally posted by DJ Egg
Which skins? Have you contacted the skin authors?
How do we reproduce the supposed bug?
I can't even reproduce it on Win98SE, let alone WinXP.
(I did all that and no cigar but...)

I think that I might know what the deal was. I fixed the problem myself by:

1) Navigate to the Plugins folder within the Winamp directory and Deleted all plugins MINUS the Visualization preset folders (AKA- "AVS" "MILKDROP" etc.)

2)Tossed out the Configurations .ini. in the WInamp root for safe measure.

3) Reinstalled Winamp.

After that, everything worked fine. Though I installed just about everything 1 plugin at a time just to see what the problem was.

I believe that it was an old NSF plugin that lets you listen to NES music files.(Might have been the reason for the new version I saw on

This fix might not work for others but it worked for me...
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