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Originally posted by shaneh
Thanks Benski, that should help out with a few things. Can we use this function to allocate timer ids too? Otherwise an API for that would be good, or just picking random numbers as usual :P No biggy.
Sure, but this will take a bit of extra work, because timer IDs were typically picked by banging on the number pad (i.e. there's no good logic to their numbering)


My main gripe is with the ATF functionality. Its great that the new IPC_FORMAT_TITLE_EXTENDED does a bit of work, but it doesn't seem to do much.

For example, it doesn't handle %rating% or %playcount% etc. Would it be possible to have something like a IPC_FORMAT_TITLE_EXTENDED_2 which tells winamp that the *p in waFormatTitleExtended is pointing to an itemRecordW, and therefore use that to do the tag processing? Or maybe returning -2 from *TAGFUNC tells winamp the same thing.

Or better still, instead of just querying the input plugins for %tags%, it actually does the full ATF processing? (I assume involving an ML lookup etc) This way any plugins that do ATF processing will automatically be future proofed against new %tags% supported in winamp, and not require much (re)implementation on behalf of plugins. This would be the preferred option I think.
To be honest, IPC_FORMAT_TITLE_EXTENDED was written for the particular needs of the Media Library (ml_local), although it's likely useful for some third party developers. If you can send me specifics on what you need out of the ATF engine, I can try to implement something to fulfill those needs.

Also of note, there is a (hidden) API to use the ATF engine directly, w/o going through a SendMessage call. At the moment, it doesn't let you do much extra, but I am considering adding things to it like defining your own custom functions and prepopulating (or retrieving) the $put/$get variables. If you have any interest in this, let me know.
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