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Originally posted by ujay
Price from artist - £10
Artist gets - £10
Originally posted by zootm
To be fair, this is extremely unlikely. If you factor in their own labour costs, it probably works out at about £5 profit.
I'm sure he's referring to revenue rather than profit. When I state "what I get" from my clients, it's revenue. My profits are not a fixed value, as expenses vary month-to-month, as it certainly can with small, independent artists. Quoting revenues is simply easier, just as it would be with quoting income.

The exception would be with big label artists, who receive a fixed royalty and similar extracted income.

Originally posted by papadoc
The only thing that would cause me to break my little personal boycott, would be if Pink Floyd got back together and released a new CD with new material on it.
You and me both, brother. In fact, I'm sure I'd have the released album as well as the demo cuts, outtakes and interviews. And perhaps some of David Gilmour's pocket lint and hair clippings.
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