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I'm having a problem with OpenAL output in combination with FLAC files. After two or three seeks within the file, sound stops, Winamp's track time display doesn't advance, and although the time jumps to the correct point when I do further seeks, playback never resumes. When I stop and start the track, or move to another track, it plays normally. Do several seeks, it locks up again.

I've also found out that, when playback is frozen, if I go into OpenAL plugin configuration, change the buffer length (big or small, any change will do), and click Apply, playback is resumed. After a few seeks, it locks up again.

Interestingly, this problem doesn't happen with MP3 files and OpenAL output, or with FLAC files and DirectSound output.

Can you please look into this?

(Vista SP1 x64; Winamp 5.54; OpenAL Out 0.8b4, but also v0.7.3 had this problem)
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