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Ok after an hour of scratching the old noodle (brain) I got the bugger. I have also listened to the first 5 seconds of Paint It Black by the Rolling Stones 50 bloody times.

I shall do all the things for a Beta 5 release and put it on SourceForge in a bit.

For those interested it was caused by Winamp calling APIs for pausing and my pause code wasn't checking if it'd been relocated (skipped) so after the skip it just played nothing and bam!! - BSOD. Other things is it thinking it's playing but nothing happening.

The source code also has the 3D stuff in there but its disabled, if anyone has a second please PM me and ill tell you which line to uncomment to get the GUI part up as I can't figure out why 3D positioning doesn't work.

Beta 5 (Skip fix)

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