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the better place would be taking in_vorbis and using that (though that's obviously not viable) since the container format is the same, it's just the bits that go into it which is the opus codec that's different.

as for why, etc, supposedly it's the new thing (like webm) and will do the same thing that ogg vorbis was claimed to do of being a free streamable format, etc. though really the only thing i can see it possibly helping with is the html5 mess with the <audio> tag and as a decent royalty free codec it has potential, it's just having content created to use it that's the issue (and the fact it uses the horrible ogg container *shrugs*).

as from a broadcasting view of things, getting ogg vorbis stream support in the SHOUTcast tools would easily allow opus support... just leaving that image for people.

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