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Need some assistance, but going to ask in a bitchy way.

"Winamp! Winamp! It really whips the llama's ass!"

First of all, can anyone explain to me how someone thought it appropriate or necessary to have their software growl profanity-laden nonsense at the end-user every time it loads? I'm not trying to sound like a prissy, but it's almost awkwardly gratuitous. It literally makes no sense and is just ...weird.

Yes, Winamp guru, I assumed there was a story behind it, and if you'd just explain it to me -- the history of DJ Mike Llama and his meteoric rise to stardom through the Winamp streaming service, whatever -- I'm certain that everything would become clear and I'd have to take it all back. No, that's also a misguided thought process. See, if it needs to be explained by a hipster-doofus computer geek, it's what is known as an in-joke and therefore unsuitable for blanket distribution to normal people who just want to try out a media player.

What I'm trying to say is that it's completely and totally f@$king retarded, and no explanation on Earth is going to change that fact. Never. Ever. Never.

Oh, wait. I'm sorry! I just realized that every time I load up VLC media player, a baritone radio voice booms out, "VLC will drop trow, and squeeze out a Cleveland steamer on your CHEST...chest...chest...chest..." So I guess it's a normal, well-thought and universally-accepted tradition for media player software developers. Lesson learned!

Okay...what next to garrulously bitch about. Ah, yes! Adding visualizations! Does it have to be a five-part process? Can't the installer just...install them?

So now, here's my real issue. I can't play any of the visualizations I've painstakingly installed into Winamp. I have a Sager NP6110 laptop with both an Intel HD Graphics 4000 card, and a dedicated Nvidia GT650m 2gb card. Apparently, Winamp doesn't see, recognize or appreciate my dedicated graphics card. I'm given a drop-down list where I can choose which card I'd like to use, but it's showing only the option to use the Intel 4000. I am receiving a message when I try to play Milkdrop (or whatever it's called) saying that there's not enough memory, try to reduce settings, etc., even though the Intel 4000 on its' own should be more than capable of generating colorful zig-zags and twirly-whirls. So why isn't my GT650m showing up on the list? And how am I the only one who has ever had this problem with Winamp, ever? I searched, literally, ten different combinations of that question, various relevant keywords, etc., and fed it into the search here on the forums. Absolutely nothing. So...lucky me, it seems.

Can you tell I'm having a GREAT DAY?! Now, all I want to do is veg out to some tunes and watch some trippy colors and forget about the evolutionary mistake we call humanity for awhile. Can that happen today?

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