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Actually I downloaded the ffdshow codec and installed it after unregistering the CoreAVC codec. It had both the Video as well as Audio components in it. I then started getting both video and audio components on playing mkv files with Winamp.

The problem was that the video display was not half as good as with the CoreAVC codec. I have earlier used CCCP codecs but not with Winamp. They too are good but do not give a video display like CoreAVC.

After struggling to make CoreAVC install its audio component I have given up in frustration and restored an earlier image thus getting rid of all the new fangled codecs that I had installed. Anyway like every other Media Player, Winamp too doesn't synchronize the video and audio components which remain out of sync.

Regards and thank you for all your help.

Amarnath Wanchoo

Originally Posted by CJ_Man View Post
So it can't find any audio codec to use. Well I don't know what damn codec your MKV has then. All I can do is suggest the following setup, which is the one I currently use.

Firstly uninstall the ACFilter. If it isn't working for you then there is no point keeping it and it could cause problems later.

Then download the CCCP codec pack from:

The CCCP installation includes a copy of Media Player Classic. I would deselect this as the bundled version is no longer current anyway.

Once CCCP is installed go Start -> Programs -> Combined Community Codec Pack -> Settings and you should see that the check box for CoreAVC is enabled. If so place a tick in there. As the CoreAVC decoder is working fine for you this should ensure it remains your primary h.264 decoder.

Make sure that ALL the boxes under FFDShow Audio Decoders are ticked. Then press Next and then Apply.

In Winamp go to the Input plugins section under Preferences and remove ;M4V;MP4 from the MP4 demuxer extension list so only M4A remains. Then open the configuration box for the Directshow decoder and add them there after MKV. This will result in any video files likely to contain h.264 being sent to the external filters.

Restart Winamp and pray!

With the above settings and codecs Winamp should be able to play just about anything. Please report back on how you get on.
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