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Originally posted by . - .... .- -. ....

Was it an AOL chatroom by any chance?

cutechick15 has entered the room.
<cutechick15> Hey
<jheriko> OMG!!! Hai 2 u!!!!1111
<jheriko> 20/m/UK wanna cyber?
<cutechick15> sure
<jheriko> a/s/l???
<cutechick15> 48/f/UK
<jheriko> the hell? mom?
<cutechick15> OH JESUS FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!
cutechick15 has left the room.
rofls and ting.

Srsly though, cybersex is NOT online dating.

I suppose you need a basis for comparision to come to that conclusion though...

-- Jheriko

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