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Security asks customer to open his bag. Customer refuses. Security insists, call goes out, almost every staff member in the store comes to support security if he needs it. Guy still refuses, starts swearing. Management insists. Guy gets pissy, opens his bag and throws all his stuff on the ground. Guy hadn't stolen anything, decides to swear about it some more. Management trespasses him for 2 years, security escorts him off the premises.

Guy walks into the bottle store attached to the supermarket. Has a look at a few things, already drunk, and decides to swear at the cashier who happened to be the manager. Manager tells him to leave, calls in the cavalry. Guy is a smarmy prick, refuses to leave, continues to piss people including higher management. Higher management tells the security guard to walk away and starts chasing the guy. In the end the guy gets to spend the night in the cells. Apparently I was rude to him, having not ever spoken a word to him throughout.

Some guys come in and decide it would be a good idea to have an easter egg fight. Kinda bummed I missed that one.

Working at a supermarket == good times.

The amount of questions I answered by simply reading the packet of the product they were going on about, or by looking at the aisles and reading what was down them, or directing the customer to do a 180 to find the eggs 5 feet behind them... So glad I clean poo for a living now.
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