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I can't test IE9 (what a shame!) because as a poor loser with morals, I'm not buying some over priced OS and cba with pirating it.
So I'm blindly hoping it actually complies with web standards fully this time. (Which is important to me, as 90% of my output seems to be web related.)

Firefox 4 is good, the chrome copying for the gui isn't something that I like at all, but that's nothing an extension or two can't fix (along with some stylish scripts). Other than that it brings its self back up to a fighting position - 3.6 was around for far too long, they really should of released 3.7) -- Oh yeah the new message boxes/prompt/inputs are yucky.

Chrome finally seems to clip box-shadows correctly, which is a shame because I used to enjoy moaning about webkit being crap at that. (The shadows still have a lame roll off)

Finally, Opera is still opera. (It's like the quiet one that does really well, but has some oddness and no-one really bothers with it anyway)

You all care about what I just wrote, yes. (Have a free just incase.)

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