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List of played music by time

Winamp has the nice feature that it keeps track of how often something has been played for the last N months. So I assume that it is keeping track of each time something is played. But it only displays the last play time and the frequency.

I would like the possibility of displaying a list of each time something has been played. This would be essentially a list containing the play time and the track info. It should be possible to sort the list according to time-date and see exactly what was played in chronological order. Then I would like to be able to export this list to a simple text file. This would be a valuable feature to anyone who uses Winamp for teaching/recreational dancing/or broadcast purposes. It would be a log of what you actually did.

This should be a fairly simple enhancement to the media library assuming that the full time information is kept for the specified time limit. And of course it would be possible to not have this information available by removing the necessary plug-in.

I may have missed something, if this is already a possibility, but the documentation for Winamp is sparse.
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