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Playlist Send To from local media to Android Fails

Hi, I have a playlist on my laptop winamp, and I wish to send it (and the associate media) to winamp on my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy 2 running winamp pro for Android). I connect to the android via wifi.

This did work a couple of times, but now all I ever get is Failed.

If I go to the transfers on while it is transferring, it is counting up to 100% (and says Uploading), but then always ends with Failed.

The playlist seems to be created, but is always empty. I am stumped! Does anyone know how I can track this down? Are there any log files with perhaps some more information as to why it is failing?

Note this occurs using both winamp 5.621 and 5.63 on my laptop.

Thanks in advance for any pointers.

regards, Peter
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