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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
is ok to keep using this thread. if you can get some sort of crash dump then that should help to work out what is going on.

Hi DrO,

I can't get version 5.64.3418 to crash using the JTFE Queue Manager, so whatever the problem was with the earlier version, it seems to be fixed. The 'Stop playing' on end of queue command still does nothing. However, the 'Close Winamp' command does work and all the applicable official and 3rd party configuration files used by my Winamp configuration are updated during shutdown! So now I have a way to have Winamp shutdown after it plays a selected group of songs. It's not as simple as just selecting a song in the playlist for Winamp to stop at, but it gets the job done.

I did not test the OS control commands (Log off, Restart, Shutdown, and Standby) because I would never use them. For those who may, does Standby invoke Hibernation or Sleep? I would assume Sleep, since Hibernation could be disabled.

The first song added to the queue (or at the top of the queue, if the songs are rearranged) still plays twice.

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