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it's also because of the module nature of Winamp and having the modern skin support as a plug-in was the only way so a 'lite' or customised version can still be provided. yes it's a potential problem but that's how the desktop client is and deviating too much from that just leads to failures in people not updating (and what's then the point of making new clients if people don't download them...? as that's one of the reasons why we're in this new position).

and there have been new plug-in types created but they're mainly background services for the existing types to use and share and that is not a bad thing, but calling for 're-writes' is futile as most things work. plus re-writing something so it's better but looks / works the same as before is hard to convince people to download, just like the shear joke that people view there being crash fixes in every releases (as after 16yrs there shouldn't be bugs... right?).

yes there's things which can be improved and most of which generally can be done a plug-in at a time but as has been seen, Winamp users don't like things being changed (even if it's for the better) and is why there's so many still on the decade old 2.9x version (why update when it works ok for me?) or they refuse to go above a specific version because of a single unsupported plug-in from the early 2000s. it's just insane and that's why Winamp (as far as the desktop client) is well past it's prime and with other changes in desktop usage is why it's been on the wane (so it'll just be a niche player for those that want it and that it suits there needs).

i know this will come across as my seemingly normal negativity but it's just being realistic in that dedicated desktop media clients are a shrinking group and after the 'large' ones, only a few niche players are going to remain in some form (what that'll be only time in the coming years will show). that's why WAFA was getting most of the development resources previously as mobile is the way to go (even if it's at the detriment of those who still require a desktop client which was sadly ignored for Winamp and drastically affected the usage of the desktop client).

and Winamp as-is generally works and yes it'd be wonderful to see it's short comings fixed and it be less 'hacky' and to implement it all consistently without the 'too many cooks' aspect that has been on it but with user apathy and expectations mean that it's limited in what can be done (as definitely parts of existing functionality aren't going to exist in any new client version provided).

anyway, we'll just have to wait and see what will happen in the coming months.
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