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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
we don't do anything on the dialog other than re-position it and leave the dialog manager to do anything it normally does as part of associating the child dialog with the owner dialog. sounds more like something with how you'd setup things maybe wasn't right - might be an idea to check dialog styles from what we provide in one of the implementations and go from there (but everything we're using is just direct API access so weirdness really should not happen).
When weird things like this happen I usually do blame myself first and I usually end up being correct, however this time, I don't see how. I copy/pasta'd the dialog resource from one of the input plugins (I forget which but probably in_flac.dll) and then called CreateDialogParamW(...) with a rudimentary dialog procedure that had just WM_INITDIALOG in it that did nothing but return TRUE, that's it. It may very well be my fault still somehow, but as I said before, I'm not seeing how right now.
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