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View File Info field too small and updated by radio metadata


I am listenning a lot to radio station, and I often want to know which track I am listening at. "D I G I T A L L Y I M P O R T E D" radio stations found in winamp radio library have very long metadata text for their stream. longer than what the winamp view info text field can display so we have to scroll it down, and it gets automatically scrolled back up.

steps to reproduce:

1) listen to the following shoutcast radio streaming

2) right click on the UI, View File Info

3) left click on the text, maintain the left button down and drag the mouse down, the text will scroll down and you will be able to see the last line which is the Artist / Title information. release the button

4) wait 1 or 2s so that the metadata is updated by the shoutcast server.

the text scroll up again and you don't have the time to see the title name and the artist name.

Expected result:
bigger window to fit all the lines sent by this shoutcast radio server ( shoutcast is Nullsoft protocol, right ), or the text doesn't scroll automatically up when the metadata is refreshed.

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