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Unable to Delete Files in Planner

I have accumulated a large number of files in my Planner. I've had to tweak MP3 volumes and corrupt encoding. As a result, I've uploaded many files a second time and now have a large number of files I no longer need or use for programming. However, I can't seem to delete them. I've gone through the list in My Files multiple times and deleted down to 247 files and then come back hours later and reload the page to find all 727 are there again. These are files that are no longer in boxes. They are no longer linked to a box. The boxes have been deleted. They are of no use and are not part of the any programming. I am limited to 1000 files right now and need to delete almost 500 I am not using.

Please tell me what I am doing incorrectly and why they keep showing up again after being deleted. Thank you!!

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