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return wasabi;
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told you it would be back! (look inside for more info)

here you have the first public proof that when I said the Wa2 - Wa3 skin converter template would be back later in one form or another, I meant it!
I'm currently working on the wa2skin.wac for Winamp3/Wasabi Player (yes, the "official" one, Brennan was kind enough to release the source for it in the sdk) and here's a screenshot of it's current state.

Not visible in this screenshot are the more or less finished video and minibrowser windows..

titlebar on standardframe will come later, maybe much later, it's pretty low priority right now.
Possible bugs and more important features comes first..

The standardframe uses colors from both genex.bmp and pledit.txt, depending the use..

The shuffle slider in the prefs is pretty much the only thing I haven't found a replacement for or even a color (for it's gammagroup) in wa2 skins.

This is just a very early teaser of what to come later, but don't ask when because I don't know and it could take alot of time before anyone gets to play with it.

And just to make it clear, this will not be released separately at all, it will be a part of the main installation only!

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