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return wasabi;
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Ok, I made the decision to release the component in it's current state, just so you have something to play with..
I wasn't planning on doing this, but since it's unknown when a new build of wasabi.player will be released, I guess I could just aswell release what I have now instead, for those who're still using w.p...

Some notes about it:
  • Unzip it to the Wacs folder.
  • It's designed to use the Winamp3 theme, but automatic theme switching hasn't been implemented in wasabi.player yet, so it will use the default theme instead, unless you manually rename the Winamp3 theme to 'default'. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, don't bother trying to do anything about it, because it will run just fine with the default theme aswell, the difference isn't that big anyways..
  • There are no titlebars on any standardframe window or video/minibrowser windows. This is one of the things removed, because of wasabi.player bugs. No biggie tho..
  • There is a highly experimental Winamp2-style playlist editor skin included, this can be switched to in the preferences. However, none of the playlist buttons in the editor will work, hence the 'experimental' note. Still, it might be interesting for Wa2 fans to check it out to see how it will look/work once done..
  • No transparency support
  • EQ spline will not look like it should in Akura/Akura-2, this is because those skins have cut off the gfx for it and the EQ spline in wasabi.player doesn't work the same way.. and blah blah blah...
  • Some items aren't skinned with the Wa2 skin. This is because I can't find any part of the Wa2 skin to use for those items (sliders in the preferences and the small close button in the F3 search bar in the playlist editor for example). Ideas are welcome for this one..
  • Don't blame me if your computer starts acting weird and takes over the world or melts down or anything like that.. I haven't touched the code for this component in ages so I can't even remember if there are any huge bugs in it (don't think so).. Anyways, I'm using it and so far, my computer is behaving pretty well, except for a few occasions when it tries to escape, but that's another story...

So, I think I've covered everything now.. Have fun and feel free to make any comments you want about it..

Oh, and here is the file..

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