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The current version of Winamp is 5.05 (at the time of this reply). Only the most current version of WA receives tech support. Try updating Winamp. If you have no luck forum that...

If I understand you post correctly want you want the fade blend the songs as one track ands and another starts. Correct?

Basically I will expand on DJ Egg's suggestion from his earlier post in this thread.
Originally posted by DJ Egg

Currently the Xfader button & slider in the "Winamp Modern skin > config tray > EQ" is only configured to auto turn on "fade on end of song", but the two tracks definitely overlap. If they aren't for you, see below...

If you want it to also fade in on "start of song", then the Xfade configuration can be found at:

Prefs -> Plugins -> Output -> DirectSound -> config -> Fading tab.

Hi-lite "fade on start" -> checkmark "enabled" -> set a custom fade value.
1. Winamp > Ctrl+P
2. Plug-ins > double click 'DirectSound output'
3. click Fading tab
4. in the fade options box select/highlight 'on start'
5. checkmark 'Enabled' and 'Use custom fade time'
6. set a custom fade time of choice (eg 3000ms for 3 seconds)
7. close out of prefs
See attachment OnStartFade.jpg

As for the distortion problem, from the Common Issues section of the Troubleshooters Sticky...

No sound, skippy/choppy/crackly playback, high VM usage, etc.
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