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still not cross fading

I do not mean to be one of those sarcastic or rude individuals that DJEgg corrected on one of those links above. But this player is absolutely useless. Try JetAudio. I mean, the ONLY absolutely good thing of any value is the window bar. Either the rest is of poor quality, or not user friendly. There are probably 1000 either useless plug ins out there or ones that no one except for a computer goo roo could get. I am not stupid by anymeans and am college educated. Maybe I am too analytical and organized in my thoughts, or the way they are explained and the constant use of computer terms forgetting that a lot of "commoners" will be using the player is the problem.

Anyway, I'll keep at it in hopes of liking it. I tried it and it will not fade. Maybe you all have different meaning. The songs ARE fading in and out, but they are NOT OVERLAPPING by about 1-2 seconds at the beginning and end of songs as if a dj was mixing them. Maybe this player can't do that. That's what I was speaking of, notjust fading at the beginning and end.

Second, I did the suggestions for crackling, I still get a little crackling. But probably a LITTLE less. Any more suggestions

I have a Dell 8300
512 mb ram
120 gb hard drive
2.67 ghz
SoundMax Digital Audio
Nvidia Gforce4 64 b kb ??

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No, it's not Winamp that's useless
Increase the "fade on end" and "fade on start" values, to 10 or more.
If you can't read/understand the simple instructions or you aren't happy, then go and use that JetAudio p.o.s. you referred to - see if we care :/
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