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ReplayGain and Winamp

The WA implementation of ReplayGain is enabled/disabled via the General Preferences - Playback - Replay Gain options. To apply Replay Gain to your music files, right-click items in the Media Library or Playlist and select 'Calculate Replay Gain' via the 'Send To' menu. The Replay Gain values are stored in the file tags. These tags can only be understood by music players that recognize this particular implementation. The actual audio data is unchanged. Offically supported formats are MP3, WMA, WMV, AAC, MP4, M4A, OGG & FLAC. The wavpack format (wv) is also supported if the wavpack decoder (included in the Winamp Essentials Package) is installed.

The other 8 options on the General Preferences page are;

Amplification Mode: Default selection is 'Apply Gain / Prevent Clipping' (recommended by WA devs). This will level out the volume and prevent distortion. Three other choices are available.

Preferred Source: Choose between 'Track' (default) or 'Album' modes.

Disable if preferred source not available: Disables RG if e.g. 'Album' mode is selected but only 'Track' info is available.

Adjustment for files without RG: Pre-amp selection applied to all files without ReplayGain info (default value is -6.0 dB).

Replay Gain Preamp: Pre-amp selection to adjust global gain for all files with or without RG info applied (default value is 0 dB).

Ask before writing Replay Gain to analyzed files: When check marked, the Replay Gain Analyzer results dialog will appear at the end of each scan. WA dev's recommended preference is to use 'Save as Album', which also writes Track data. When unchecked, values will be saved automatically without prompting.

---Ask after each album is scanned: Prompts to save values after each album is scanned.

---Ask after all files are scanned: Prompts to save values after all files are scanned.

Within the media library's CD ripping options is another ReplayGain related option, "Automatically calculate Replay Gain". This option enables/disables the automatic calculation and application of ReplayGain values to ripped files. This is a hidden process which occurs at the end of each individual track. The default behaviour is to apply Album Gain (which also applies Track Gain). Note that enabling this option may considerably slow down the overall ripping process.

When selected, the WA implementation displays a window that shows the progress of the analysis and the final adjustment(s) that will be applied. However, the results of the analysis are never shown, thus the level of adjustment is not known. In other words, it can not be determined if the final adjustment values are minimum, maximum, or somewhere in between. The final overall volume could be lower than it needs to be, but there is no way to tell.

Undo is simple for officially supported formats. Just use the WA tag editor to delete the ReplayGain tags. A 3rd party tagger must be used to delete ReplayGain tags in a wavpack file and may also be used for the other file formats. Most of the popular 3rd party taggers support wavpack.

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